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OpenWindo Cards

The story begins with the OpenWindo cards. Each of 24 cards is a collage, rich with symbology – discovered to trigger a deeper awakening. It is about shedding old skin, or rising up from the ashes. It is about immersion, commitment and remembering the wild ole dancing spirit.




Sheri's Art Gallery

Art is a fascinating journey; whatever the artist's intent, it is rarely that which triggers a response in the viewer. When there's a connection with the art piece, the reaction is immediate; a window to the soul is pushed wide open, and for the flash of an instant one knows their own reality beyond the boundaries of all logic and reasoning. 


It is my belief that there is an artist in each and everyone of us, shaping and coloring our lives. And the best way to coax the artist from its confines is to get all seriousness out of the way and just play. I teach technique with all the seriousness I can muster, but mainly I offer my students the freedom to play.



Jan Greenwald Gallery

Due to the nature of the wood and the mood of the artist, Jan's pieces are one-of-kind and cannot be replicated. He chooses unique wood and reads it by an instinct honed over a span of 50 years.

Artisans & Services 

We see them blossoming, coming into their own, en-masse now. Some know their mission clearly, while others simply do what they do and their work does its healing on whomever it touches. On this page you will find a mixed bag of healers, each with a magic all their own..