About the Artists

We could call Jan Greenwald a Master

at his craft of wood turning and carving, but he would deny it. He is humble about his work, but has been known to spend weeks sanding a bowl until it is up to his standards. A small bowl might command up to $1,500 on the market, and yet when moved to do so he will gladly give it all away.

Jan's fascination with wood began in childhood as he walked across a bridge at Knotts Berry Farm, running his hand along the burnished railing which had been richly polished by the movement of a thousand of hands before him. From that day forward he spent many of his childhood hours digging through wood piles to examine the lines and grain in each piece. Now he scours gullies and canyons for unique formations. Since he is well known by the locals in Fallbrook for his talent at coaxing the beauty from a fallen limb, wood is often brought to him by his surrounding neighbors.

Jan's work was exhibited alongside the works of several internationally acclaimed wood-turners, at the 31st International Woodturning Symposium at the Kansas City Convention Center, held on June 22-25, 2017, hosted by The American Association of Woodturners (AAW)

Also, awarded: 1st Place DESIGN IN WOOD 2018 Wood Turners Association
1st Place: Best Turning by a member San Diego Wood Turners Association

Sheri Schwarzweller

I can think of three things that have shaped my art and life from childhood to the winter of these years; striving for the unique, a disciplined dedication, and a fearlessly-playful attitude. ~Sheri~

Sheri works in a multitude of mediums, but has a few favorites; one being polymer clay – I love how it lends itself readily to both sculpting and to intricately colorful designs – and the second being assemblage, turning found objects into art forms. And last but certainly not least, the collaboration between herself and Jan Greenwald, aptly named JASH Designs

Sheri has the heart of a teacher and likes to infuse a playful attitude into her sessions. She has taught classes in the art of polymer clay, assemblage and mobile design at Fallbrook and Paradise Art Centers and A Seeker's Boutique in Paradise, CA. 

Her exposure to art and ceramics began in childhood. Her mother, Theresa, a ceramicist, fine artist and electronic technician, expected nothing less than precision and perfection in her endeavors. Her father, Mikey, was a welder and an extremely talented fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants artist. Sheri believes that her artwork is a reflection of these two eclectic parental influences and her own passion for allowing both precision and play to co-exist through art.

Sheri's formal education came later in her life through graphic design and creative writing at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA, and color theory and design at Windward College in Oahu. She has been awarded first in her category for mixed-media gourd art, polymer clay art, creative writing and graphic design.

JASH Designs

A click between two artists is not unusual, but a lifelong artistic collaboration coupled with a deep friendship is rare. This came about between Sheri, a clay and assemblage artist and Jan Greenwald, a man who is a master at wood carving and turning. Both choose to create unique, usually outside the "norm" pieces. Sheri make eclectic fringe-items from clay and Jan turns odd and rotted wood into unique masterpieces. When they collaborate, what comes into being is always surprising.