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A click between two artists is not unusual, but a lifelong artistic collaboration coupled with a deep friendship is rare. This came about between myself, Sheri, a clay and assemblage artist and Jan Greenwald, a man who is a master at wood carving and turning. We both choose to create unique, usually outside the "norm" pieces. I make eclectic fringe-items from clay and Jan turns odd and rotted wood into unique masterpieces. When we collaborate, even we don't really know what will happen.

Healer's Healing Place

While working on this I was thinking about refugees and homeless people and how those who care, send out energy for healing. Whether conscious of it or not, it can drain us if we don’t take the time go to our own quiet healing place.
7" high X 9" wide X 2.5" deep

Kiwi's Daydream Taxi to Nowhere in Particular

Kiwi is daydreaming. It doesn't matter which path her taxi takes, she allows the world beyond imagination to unfold. The window of her mind opens to the big sky and brilliant possibilities.
14" high X 15" wide
Taxi - Camphor wood
Mushroom - Ashwood
Kiwi - Gourd & polymer clay
Wood and Whimsy Bouquet
After study of this fine Avocado wood candle holder, turned and sanded to perfection by Jan Greenwald – a true work of art, I know where to go with it. I get out paint and gourds, clay, beads, broken shells, etc., and follow a familiar and yet unpredictable path through that dimensional portal where color and whimsy create lightness of thought. In this piece, safely planted in earthy wood, our adventurous minds are free to follow a blossoming fantasy.
Avocado Wood Base 17" high
total height with flowers 30"
Materials include, bumpy and winged gourds, polymer clay, broken shell from ostrich egg, beads and other findings
I have no idea what the price will be for shipping this piece. The box will be quite large with lots of packing material. The flowers and all are removable from the base and are each on their own quite sturdy. The only fragile pieces are the ostrich shell petals.
Please contact me, Sheri, if you are interested. Contact Us

A Place to Heal

She retreats inward to the cave beyond the veil. Tucked into a familiar hollowed out place, she is protected from the outer wars. In this place of solitude she is washed clean and regains her strength. Two ancient seashells, honed by time-out-of-mind, form the vessel through which healing waters pour.

Ash wood base
5-3/4" high x 4-1/2" deep x 3-1/2" wide

$168 shipping free

Vision Quest

Seeking escape from pain, young Mermaid dives deep into watery realms. In a shallow cave she rests and questions the reason of all that has passed and all that is to be. 

Old Fish comes to her in a dream and brings her visions of his many travels. She awakens with a larger view of her experience, and moves forward, a little kinder from the embrace.

Ash wood
7-1/4" high x 8" deep x 3-1/4" wide


Low Tide

When the big waters recede, an abundance of life is held in the small pods of great rocks, it is time to explore and play. Mermaid rests in the tide pool, her fingers entwine playfully with her little octopus companion. Her contentment has no words.

Ash wood
5" high x 5-1/2" deep x 3-1/2" wide

$220 (free shipping)