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Out my Windo I've seen the most amazing creatures; I one day spied a crazy-eyed rabbit, on four wheels, moving fast, cape and ribbons flying. She had no time to talk, but placed in my mind, at no charge, a river of images and stories. A gift she said, but in order to keep the river flowing these visions must be shared.


Ms Joanie Goes Shopping~

This piece of driftwood became a crazy rabbit flying by on wheels. A busy eccentric, she is on a mission. Her eyesight is poor so if you're lucky enough to see her coming, give wide berth.  Dedicated to my dear friend, Joan Gast, who flew from this earth many years ago… Oh the stories!

From wheels to ear-tips she stands 15"

Pink Polka Dot Love


Peachy Love



"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one" John Lennon

This lovely little sea creature was inspired by and formed over a piece of driftwood that could have been a root composed of several entwined branches. She has two fins and long ribboned hair made from a strong resilient polymer clay. Sea flowers form her hair.

A metal rod holds her firmly in place. 11"h x 3"w

While She Slept 

Before the fire I always kept a box of wine glass stems to use as bases for pieces of art. From the rubble post-fire I retrieved a slump of stems all twisted and molded together. I counted five stems in this clump, and while in the quiet of my art room, I found myself wanting to curl into that small indentation in the center. The dream was that if I could just go to sleep there today, I might wake to a brighter tomorrow.

Height: 3-1/2" tall, 5" wide by 4" deep $54 includes shipping and tax


La Chispa – the spark

From the storm and weariness of an old spirit, a sudden spark of new life comes into the belly. And so begins the long waiting period of gestation as a thought takes shape and form. Born tiny and whole with all the cells in perfect order – something tender and vulnerable and yet strong and persistent. The bond is struck and there is no turning away.

"Oooooh, the piece," my sister said as I pulled the little twisted driftwood from the sandy bag she'd brought me from her beach combing trip to Crescent City. I couldn't stop thinking about it as I worked on a not-so-fun house project. There was an octopus in there somewhere, I just knew it.

Meanwhile, Sam was dealing with truck issues and as a gift, brought home one of the damaged engine parts called the impeller. I loved the movement of the blades, like small lapping waves made of heavy metal. This became the base for La Chispa.

What surprised me most was the baby octopus (far from my original thoughts of maybe a shell or crystal) who insisted on being born… And so the new cycle begins.

Height: 12 1/4"


Dragon's Egg

Instructions for gestating a dragon's egg:

1. Become ferocious, protective and introverted. 2. Enlist a Protection Wizard of the highest caliber. 3. Wait.

Wizard has a driftwood body and leather cape and hat, polymer clay
Driftwood Dragon forms the base. Her spikes are polished stone.
Height: 12 1/4" inches- $94

Old Blue Eyes

There is wizardry afoot – Wish it, give it intent and hand it over to Old Blue Eyes.

Driftwood body, polymer clay hat, face and hand, leather cape, adorned with bone, dragon pendant, and glass beads and charms.

Height: approx. 16" - $70 includes shipping & tax - donated

Here's How It Works

Here's How it Works
Behave yourself… barely
You are an artist before you ever touch brush to canvas
Normal is way overrated
Be messy when you are making stuff – you can clean up later

Polymer clay design covers an egg shaped ceramic vase. Height: 6.5" including lid, 4" diameter -$50 Sold




Mobiles hold a special fascination for me. I've been making them since the 70's when I had a ceramic kiln. I suppose it is the whimsical way the pieces move and dance around each other without touching. But really, making a mobile takes me back to those days where we all opened our eyes and taught each other to see things in a different way.

Polymer clay is my medium of choice these days. I use kaleidoscope canes or a swirling technique on some of the pieces. Some pieces simply turn into a design of crazy random patterns. There is a wonderful sense of freedom to it all.

Alice Mobile

21" h x 14" across ~ $90 includes shipping & taxes - sold

Crazy Patterns Mobile

26" h. x 16" across ~ $80 includes shipping & taxes - sold

Eaves Art

Always the recycler, I made these from the old aluminum skirting panels which hung like loose teeth around our fixer-upper - later graduating to sheet aluminum. I cut the aluminum into shapes, sanded off layers of old paint and repainted. I then drilled holes for decorating and securing recycled jewelry and beads. Both sides are decorated. Hanging from the patio eaves, they catch the breezes and turn slowly, sun glinting off crystals and glass beads.


Whale Play – Colorful pearls and octopus charms adorn these two playful whales

Tinkerbell Fish – Eaves Art series ~ Sold

All dressed up in lots of beads, dangles, and Tinkerbell charm – ready for some fun.

14" high x 7" wide
$50 includes shipping & tax

Of Earth & Water

There is story in the piece of wood lying twisted and forgotten along the shore. It holds within its layer-upon-layer an ancient collective memory that lives true in all of us. It might speak of mother-wisdom, or the old healer, or it might tell a story from a time-out-of-mind place where creatures crawled out of the sea and took their first breath of air.

I never know what will come to life when first I touch that piece of wood, but in time it speaks to me of the earth and water from whence it came. I try to honor that call from the depths, allowing it –as deftly as I'm able– into expression.

If you have any questions or would like to make a purchase please contact Sheri by clicking on this link.

Quickening - And when she awoke she felt the spark ignite in her core, sending a rhythmic hum coursing up her spine. A great thirst arose and she reached deep to drink from the well of new beginnings -$80 sold


She waits as the path she chose unfolds and expands before her eyes. Old life falls away with a underlying feeling of loss. New life, the unformed one, triggers creative possibilities and feeds her excitement for the journey ahead. sold


Kleekorin ~ The trickster of wood sprites. Ask for what you will from him. But never forget the additive for the highest and best good. sold


Hermit & Frog ~ You were born gifted and you will never ever lead a normal life.

The protocal for summoning your wizard for a touch of magic can prove a bit tricky: 1) State clearly your desire. 2) Make the call only when you are absolutely sure.  3) Wait for him to arrive on the wind in his own given time. 4) Serve a spread of fresh bread, seasonal fruit, cheese and good red wine–no cheap stuff. 5) After his long pipe comes out and the first smoke ring encircles the room try hard to remember what is was you wanted.  13" nfs

SNAP -Snap Out of It!! (thanks I needed that)
12" wall hanging $40 at Fallbrook Art Center (Find Magnified Show) sold



And when she awoke she felt the spark ignite in her core, sending a rhythmic hum coursing up her spine. A great thirst arose and she reached deep to drink from the well of new beginnings. 14" tall $65 at Fallbrook Art Center (Find Magnified Show) sold

Aztec Elder - Across the winds of time Old Aztec appears now to ask for reparation and healing of ancient wounds. 11" wall hanging $50 at Fallbrook Art Center (Find Magnified Show) sold


Spirits of Wood & Water - Gathering at the Crossroads

Decisions must be made as we find ourselves at the crossroad; what baggage to leave behind and what to embrace as we pack our small suitcase.  We travel light now, with a bouyancy remembered from childhood.

In this series feminine faces appear in the wood. Each has a message to impart. each embodies a quality necessary for the new world order. The chosen path shines clear now, full of light sparks and purpose of step.

The sizes run from 8" to 15" h. The price is $60 each (unless otherwise indicated) plus shipping. If you have any questions or would like to make a purchase please contact Sheri by clicking on this link.

Effrin - You were never lost dear one, you simply forgot the way. You became so caught up in the web of worry you took the alternate path. You will cross your true path at the next fork in the road. Close your eyes and see yourself in the calm of wood and water.
Sold at Fallbrook Art Center Find Magnified Show 

Effrin Effrin - detail

Salena - Rhythm of Life; She is trained to hear the living rhythm of her cells, to close out thought and allow the dark winds to move through without absorption. Her dance is one of graciousness and Light.
Wall hanging 10"h.


Dauphinia - Optomism; Breath that sparks the creative fire.
Wall hanging

Optomism; sparking the creative fire 12" h. wall hanging. Dauphinia-Optomism; sparking the creative fire

Journey - Trust. I will go ahead of you, for I have lived in the place of your unknown. Close your eyes and follow me. 
Wall hanging 9.5"h

Athene - Mindfulness

Mercy I release you from the thousand threads that have held tight against your throat. You are under the protection of my outstretched wings. Let the tears flow from your burdened soul. I am Mercy and I am with you now.

The Hermit Into the dark forest I follow, into places of my unspoken terrors. I take comfort in my grip on your cool, bony hand, your footfall, silent and sure on our chosen path.
Sold at Fallbrook Art Center Find Magnified Show $95

The Hermit sold

Twigmull A bug of distinction A bit of a worry-wort, he is vigilant in his protective duties. Alert, he listens intently, watches for predators and warns of impending missteps.


Stand In My Danger ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes speaks of the "Dangerous Old Woman" who will stop at nothing to nourish, protect and guide us in the offering of all our creative gifts. sold at Paradise Art Center

Stand In My Danger Stand In My Danger detail

After the Camp Fire Art – Starting Over and Reinventing

I'm OK… Are You OK

was reading that book you gave me, the one about the great wind that blew flames across the land. I cried for the lost ones whose hopes and dreams had been nestled around stone fireplaces, snuggled deep into overstuffed chairs, anticipating that first sip of hot chocolate.

I cried mostly for the entwined fingertips of friendship, pulled apart like fodder shot from big cannons. A lost seed, each one, falling hard onto unfamiliar soil and taking root as required. I can hear their voices now calling to each other on the wind, I’m OK… Are you OK?  as if the thread never broke and the sky never faltered,

7" x 12" wall hanging

This one started with a cardboard box, scrap fabric and lace edging and a candle holder that survived the fire. The planter is made from a metal survivor piece. The rest is polymer clay. The book's title is Paradise Lost.


What We Keep

It's not a pretty sight, sifting through the rubble of her old life. The sharp edges and rusty metal, making a harsh statement to life's fragility and impermanence. She finally stands upright, reluctantly, as if something magical might bring it all back. Taking stock of the small dirty ruins held like found treasure in her hands, a simple thought occurs through the knot of unshed tears… Make a new picture.

This is the first piece I made after the fire. It is composed of pieces retrieved from the ashes; layers of slumped and shattered glass fused by extreme heat. MetaL pieces, brittle and rusted, blackened coins from the change jar. The face flowers and leaves are new material. The ladder came from a metal sculpture, The Fishing Pier, my dad had made back in the day.

13" x 16" wall hanging

Possum Story: A possum dies and her shell lies in the darkness of a crawl space for years-on-end. The ancient carcass is discovered, by Good Repairman Sam, and he presents it to his wife as a gift. He used to give her pretty jewelry, but over the years he knows a little more of her soul. Being a lover of old bones and their stories, she gratefully accepts his gift, as if a jewel and carcass are of equal value. With respect and reverence she cleans the bones of old Ms Possum, all the time asking for the gift of story.

Once the bones are clean, it is re-assemblage time. This is a tricky endeavor – the artist’s critical mind and preconceived ideas must stand out of the way and allow the new form and the story to emerge.

Shiloh – The Boneyard Girl 

She awoke from the ashes of a life destroyed. An ancient calling from time out of mind begged her to rise. By sheer will, and because she knew nothing else, she fumbled for the fragmented pieces of her broken self and began to reform it as best she knew how.

In the darkest night, when crushing despair extinguishes all light, she cried out. White Bat, the one who knows without seeing, lit the sky as if in waiting. She lifted to the light, tall and strong, resurrected from the rubble as – The Boneyard Girl.

Boneyard Girl

Speaking in Frog - Retrieving her sense of wonder

When an elf has wandered far, and has lost her awestruck wonder of youth, it is said that speaking to Frog will relax her furrowed brow and cast a light onto the pathway home.

24" high including stand
Gifted to a fellow traveler from the Elfin Kingdom

Hekate Dances

The Earth rumbles. Sleepers awake. Gateways open. Paths are illuminated.

The forces of Hekate have come into play and it is time for action, time to move forward with a plan. Infused with the power of Hekate the path becomes more clear with each step.

May Hakate dance and shed light on your path.

23" high. Materials include driftwood from a Mendocino beach, polymer clay, bones, beads and jewelry donated to me by generous friends Studio 395 and Grace Sandlin who drove the 500 miles to deliver them.

My ol' buddy Mickey Fernandez shared a collection of turquoise, Swarovski crystals, abalone and coral inlay and other semi-precious stones with me.