Sheri’s Art Classes

Polymer Clay Art Classes

at the Paradise Art Center - 5564 Almond Street

Tuesday mornings 9:30 - 12:30 Beginning September 20, 2022

Beginner and experienced clayers are welcome. The basics of polymer claying will be covered, such as best brands of clay for your projects, conditioning and curing temps. Printouts provided. Learn how to create blends, canes for slicing, faux-semi-precious stones and more. Each week we will focus on a new technique or refining a current project. 

Some clay will be available for purchase at cost ($1.50 for a 1 oz bar). Recommended is Premo Sculpey brand (NOT Sculpey III) if you purchase your own. If you have any of these tools, please bring an exacto knife, bead hole maker, or sharp awl, and any favorite clayer tools

First class we'll start with a Halloween theme and colors. 

Any question, please contact Sheri (760)504-5056 or 

Class Fee $8 + lab fee

Polymer Clay Resource List


Our first project begins with covering a plain glass jar. The two finished samples below use a combination of several different techniques, which you will learn over a few weekly sessions.

Since our first few classes coincide with the approach of Halloween, I thought it would be fun to make the jars around that theme. I started playing around with covering a mustard jar. The first image is the unfinished area where you can still see glass. Second to last image I filled in the unfinished area with scrap clay, giving it a swirl kinda spooky look. The final image is the completed piece, decorated with a bone bouquet.


Not all clays are created equal

I recommend Premo Sculpey for now. We will discuss other clays in class.

Do NOT waste your money on Craftsmart (Michael's brand) or Sculpey III. They become too soft, gum up the pasta machine and do not hold definition. Once they are cured, pieces break easily.