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Peony's Wine Down Time

After a long day flitting about spreading love and joy over the grapes in her vineyard, it's time for her to enjoy the bounty of her harvest.

Peony's body is a winged gourd. She is barefoot and lounges gracefully on a shoe that was one day found under the winery arbor. They say that the busy business woman who wore it stopped by for one little taste of wine. One taste led to another and another. The more she tasted the more she fell in love with the vineyard, its neat rows and lovely clusters of purple grapes. She fell in love with the blue sky splashed by puffy clouds and the green hills that swelled and dipped to the horizon.

From what I'm told the more she tasted the more of her tailored clothing fell away – first it was her shoes and then the suit jacket and soon enough she was completely unbound. Before anyone could blink twice a great gust came whipping through the arbor and blew it all away. All that was left to let anyone know she was ever there was one pointy-toed shoe.

Peony our wine diva is now on display at Nothing But Love in Paradise. She's looking for a new home with a wine loving family.


The creature’s skull was a gift to me.

Bleached white by time out of mind.

It’s old soul leaving the vague imprint of a once glorious life in green pastures

Intricate shapes, crevices within the under-structure formed a clear image… A woman, she seemed to be reaching up and summoning the powers.

I called her Solara because she came alive again during the Solar Eclipse.

Something came to me as I worked on her and trying to give words to the powerful feeling seems weak, but I will try in my feeble way to convey the message. 

It was not only Solara by herself, but I felt a world of Solaras, calling forth and joining in open-armed welcome to the change that is upon us.

The power of this great joining together said… Do not fear this but brace yourself – On the great Wheel, this entropy, this falling apart and chaos is the gateway to change and you are in the eye of it as escorts. This is what we all came here to do. Stand strong in gratitude and surrender to the forces that will bring down existing structures.

Birdie's Babies

Born of a certain dancing rhythm, and unknown desire, Birdie's babies flock on her skirts and fly forth from the wild nest of her hair. They dance far and wide, they coast on thermal gusts. They touch down near the unsuspecting ones, the ones looking up, the ones seeking inspiration. They are named Muse.

Birdie's body is a winged gourd. Her dancing platform is the impeller (from a pick-up truck). 14" high

Available at Nothing But Love Paradise


Healing Tree – a mobile

When you feel their pain, but are powerless to help, cup a heart –the symbol of love– in your hands and say a little prayer. You may not see it, but a fine thread of your light is imbued into the heart and with your intent is sent out to those in need for the highest and best outcome.
15" high x 12"wide
Available at Nothing But Love Paradise

Art of the Shoe

This art form begins as called Assemblage. A high-heeled shoe becomes the base of inspiration. Found objects are assembled on the shoe to create a compelling design. In this series a layered painting technique is applied to the design, lending the sense of an unearthed antiquity.

Scorpio Rising

Let the flames destroy my Scorpio
Let the forces of despair drive her deep into the underworld
Let her lie there – death-like – for three years
Let those forces breathe oxygen on the small ember still smoldering in her center.
Let the breath whisper “UP”
… And surely she will rise.

Peaceful Victory

The artful life of a woman.

Assemblage art

Cocktail Hour

Put on your crusty ole high heels and dance with the Flamengos

Second Sight

The ability to see in the dark, to be wide awake, to navigate life by the stars and the instinctual nature. The ability to discern the truth.

Soul of the Crone
She made a boat by whim of the crone
No common thing; cast of ancestral bone
Briny currents and turbulent sea
Stole her love and set her free
Tears, her course for chapter end
She turned brave face into the wind
No turning back, no left-undone
She would go back from whence she’d come

Assemblage art, of wood, clay, bones, shells and shoe. A special painting technique gives the "unearthed" effect. Includes a custom sconce.

18" high (includes sconce), 13" wide, 4.5" deep

Branch Dance

Branch Dance speaks of the never ending cycle of death and rebirth. She symbolizes the will to live, and from that how the power of movement brings forth new growth.

Made from the base of a small tree with partial roots that died, attached to a twisted piece of driftwood. Polymer clay face, hands and stabilizing feet at base. Flowers and leaves of polymer clay attached with wire. Adorned with crystal and glass beads.

Approx 9-1/2" tall

Oak-Ball Family Dilemma

How many times have I walked past these balls lying on the ground, discarded by a giant oak tree, in the back of my mind seeing little people lying there waiting to be picked up by this crazy artist.

May I present Mr. & Mrs. Oak-Ball and their baby boy Huey Oak-Ball. The problem is Baby Huey wants to be picked up, but Mom & Dad have no arms. What to do, what to do.

Approx 6" tall

Available at Paradise Art Center, Paradise, CA

Love Bugs

I can't resist these girls. They are so much fun to make and each one has a personality all their own. When I hang a new one on a hook in the row with the others, they all start tittering excitedly about her. Giving one as a gift always brings smiles. Great as Christmas Ornaments. Faces, arms and legs are polymer clay. The wing material varies (polymer clay, feathers, hand painted aluminum, netting) depending on personality. Each one has a small heart hanging from her left wrist.  They have come to spread the love.

Custom hook included. 5"- 6" from nose to tips of toes. approx. 5" high not including hook. Weight ranges from 2.5 – 4 oz in weight.

Witch Lovely

Available at Nothing But Love Paradise

Teal Princess Love

Available at Paradise Art Center

Tropical Lime Love

Available at Paradise Art Center

Christmas Love

Available at Paradise Art Center

Eaves Art
Always the recycler, I made these from the old aluminum skirting panels which hung like loose teeth around our fixer-upper - later graduating to sheet aluminum. I cut the aluminum into shapes, sanded off layers of old paint and repainted. I then drilled holes for decorating and securing recycled jewelry and beads. Both sides are decorated. Hanging from the patio eaves, they catch the breezes and turn slowly, sun glinting off crystals and glass beads.

Island Breezes
Adorned with seashells, green agate earrings, polymer clay flowers, colored pearls, she takes us back to the slow rhythm of the Islands

14" high x 10" wide

Octopus's Garden

"I'd ask my friends
To come and see
An octopus' garden
With me"

"I'd like to be
under the sea
in and Octopus's Garden
with you."
~Ringo Starr~

The creatures and reef dwellers are made with a new polymer clay I am using which is resilient and resistant to breakage. I purchased resin aquarium reef, couldn't resist. I saw it, had to have it!

10"h x 8"w x 7" deep