Sheri’s Art Gallery

2021 A year of Awakening and Renewal

The two years after the devastating Camp Fire were all about repair and readjustment. The work was real and exhausting and held me suspended in limbo.

This new line of work is me breathing again. Some of it is deeper, some is lighter – mostly I am just walking into my art room and sitting down to whatever sparks my fancy at the time.

At this time, I've decided to sell online only. Purchases can be made through PayPal or contact me and we can make other arrangements. Due to the high shipping rates these days, I have boxed and weighed each piece to come up with an accurate shipping cost through USPS.

La Chispa – the spark

From the storm and weariness of an old spirit, a sudden spark of new life comes into the belly. And so begins the long waiting period of gestation as a thought takes shape and form. Born tiny and whole with all the cells in perfect order – something tender and vulnerable and yet strong and persistent. The bond is struck and there is no turning away.

"Oooooh, the piece," my sister said as I pulled the little twisted driftwood from the sandy bag she'd brought me from her beach combing trip to Crescent City. I couldn't stop thinking about it as I worked on a not-so-fun house project. There was an octopus in there somewhere, I just knew it.

Meanwhile, Sam was dealing with truck issues and as a gift, brought home one of the damaged engine parts called the impeller. I loved the movement of the blades, like small lapping waves made of heavy metal. This became the base for La Chispa.

What surprised me most was the baby octopus (far from my original thoughts of maybe a shell or crystal) who insisted on being born… And so the new cycle begins.

Height: 12 1/4"
$225 plus shipping

Dragon's Egg

Instructions for gestating a dragon's egg:

1. Become ferocious, protective and introverted. 2. Enlist a Protection Wizard of the highest caliber. 3. Wait.

Wizard has a driftwood body and leather cape and hat, polymer clay
Driftwood Dragon forms the base. Her spikes are polished stone.
Height: 12 1/4" inches
$120 plus shipping

Hekate Dances

The Earth rumbles. Sleepers awake. Gateways open. Paths are illuminated.

The forces of Hekate have come into play and it is time for action, time to move forward with a plan. Infused with the power of Hekate the path becomes more clear with each step.

May Hakate dance and shed light on your path

23" high. Materials include driftwood from a Mendocino beach, polymer clay, beads and jewelry donated to me by generous friends Studio 395 and Grace Sandlin who drove the 500 miles to deliver them.

My ol' buddy Mickey Fernandez shared a collection of turquoise, Swarovski crystals and other semi-precious stones with me.

$225 plus shipping

Mysterious Angler

In case you thought you'd seen it all, this creature of the deep represents the opportunist. She moves, she scans, she observes. She is the patient hunter, cruising boldly through the waters of life and when what she needs crosses her path, she acts quickly and absorbs the bountiful gift into her being.

Driftwood from Crescent City Beach, copper fins and tentacles, polymer clay and beads.
Height: approx. 20"
$90 plus shipping

Old Blue Eyes

There is wizardry afoot – Wish it, give it intent and hand it over to Old Blue Eyes.

Driftwood body, polymer clay hat, face and hand, leather cape, adorned with bone, dragon pendant, and glass beads and charms.

Height: approx. 16"
$90 plus shipping

Eaves Art
Deteriorated aluminum skirting panels, cut into shapes, sanded and repainted. Both sides, decorated with recycled jewelry and beads, became the basis for this series. Hanging from the patio eaves, they catch the breezes and turn slowly, sun glinting off crystals and glass beads.

Island Breezes
Adorned with seashells, green agate earrings, polymer clay flowers, colored pearls, she takes us back to the slow rhythm of the Islands

14" high x 10" wide
$60 plus shipping

Tinkerbell Fish – Eaves Art series

All dressed up in lots of beads, dangles, and Tinkerbell charm – ready for some fun.

14" high x 7" wide
$60 plus shipping