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Oak-Ball Family

How many times have I walked past these balls lying on the ground, discarded by a giant oak tree, in the back of my mind seeing little people lying there waiting to be picked up by this crazy artist.

May I present Mr. & Mrs. Oak-Ball and there baby boy Huey Oak-Ball
Approx 6" tall

$60 includes tax and shipping

JASH designs

The three pieces below comprise a recent collaboration between Jan Greenwald and myself, Sheri. We were thinking water and how to emulate it. From a branch of the Ash Wood tree, Jan cut, carved and sanded, the pieces taking on the shape of rock formed by flowing water. With my clay I tried over and over to get the effect of water flowing over rock. It felt forced and the results unsatisfactory.

Many moons later, in the light of new inspiration, I was once again drawn to the wood. The need to emulate water became secondary to the more truthful vision you see here.

A Place to Heal

She retreats inward to the cave beyond the veil. Tucked into a familiar hollowed out place, she is protected from the outer wars. In this place of solitude she is washed clean and regains her strength. Two ancient seashells, honed by time-out-of-mind, form the vessel through which healing waters pour.

Ash wood base
5-3/4" high x 4-1/2" deep x 3-1/2" wide

$150 includes tax and shipping

Vision Quest

Young Mermaid dives deep into watery realms. Despondent and disappointed by the world around her, she seeks new awareness. When she can go no further, she rests there in a shallow cave and questions the reason of all that has passed and all that is to be. Old Fish comes to her in a dream and brings her visions of his many travels. She awakens knowing more than she knew before; she understands something about the depth of color; how it is enhanced by each chance encounter, and how the spirit is emboldened by perserverance. She knows now that no experience is ever wasted. 

Ash wood
7-1/4" high x 8" deep x 3-1/4" wide


Low Tide

When the big waters recede, an abundance of life is held in the small pods of great rocks, it is time to explore and play. Mermaid rests in the tide pool, her fingers entwine playfully with her little octopus companion. Her contentment has no words.

Ash wood
5" high x 5-1/2" deep x 3-1/2" wide


Love Bugs

I can't resist these girls. They are so much fun to make and each one has a personality all their own. When I hang a new one on a hook in the row with the others, they all start tittering excitedly about her. Giving one as a gift always brings smiles. Great as Christmas Ornaments. Faces, arms and legs are polymer clay. The wing material varies (polymer clay, feathers, hand painted aluminum, netting) depending on personality. Each one has a small heart hanging from her left wrist.  They have come to spread the love.

Custom hook included. 5"- 6" from nose to tips of toes. approx. 5" high not including hook. Weight ranges from 2.5 – 4 oz in weight.

$38 each includes shipping & tax

Witch Lovely

Jin Jin Love

Pink Polka Dot Love

Teal Princess Love

Tropical Lime Love

Christmas Love

Blue Love

Peachy Love

Eaves Art
Always the recycler, I made these from the old aluminum skirting panels which hung like loose teeth around our fixer-upper - later graduating to sheet aluminum. I cut the aluminum into shapes, sanded off layers of old paint and repainted. I then drilled holes for decorating and securing recycled jewelry and beads. Both sides are decorated. Hanging from the patio eaves, they catch the breezes and turn slowly, sun glinting off crystals and glass beads.

Tinkerbell Fish – Eaves Art series ~ Sold

All dressed up in lots of beads, dangles, and Tinkerbell charm – ready for some fun.

14" high x 7" wide
$50 includes shipping & tax

Whale Play – Eaves Art series

Colorful pearls and octopus charms adorn these two playful whales

$50 includes shipping & tax


"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one" John Lennon

This lovely little sea creature was inspired by and formed over a piece of driftwood that could have been a root composed of several entwined branches. She has two fins and long ribboned hair made from a strong resilient polymer clay. Sea flowers form her hair.

A metal rod holds her firmly in place. 11"h x 3"w


Octopus's Garden

"I'd ask my friends
To come and see
An octopus' garden
With me"

"I'd like to be
under the sea
in and Octopus's Garden
with you."
~Ringo Starr~

The creatures and reef dwellers are made with a new polymer clay I am using which is resilient and resistant to breakage. I purchased resin aquarium reef, couldn't resist. I saw it, had to have it!

10"h x 8"w x 7" deep

$65 includes tax and shipping

Island Breezes
Adorned with seashells, green agate earrings, polymer clay flowers, colored pearls, she takes us back to the slow rhythm of the Islands

14" high x 10" wide $50

While She Slept ~ SOLD

Before the fire I always kept a box of wine glass stems to use as bases for pieces of art. From the rubble post-fire I retrieved a slump of stems all twisted and molded together. I counted five stems in this clump, and while in the quiet of my art room, I found myself wanting to curl into that small indentation in the center. The dream was that if I could just go to sleep there today, I might wake to a brighter tomorrow.

Height: 3-1/2" tall, 5" wide by 4" deep
$54 includes shipping and tax

La Chispa – the spark ~ Sold

From the storm and weariness of an old spirit, a sudden spark of new life comes into the belly. And so begins the long waiting period of gestation as a thought takes shape and form. Born tiny and whole with all the cells in perfect order – something tender and vulnerable and yet strong and persistent. The bond is struck and there is no turning away.

"Oooooh, the piece," my sister said as I pulled the little twisted driftwood from the sandy bag she'd brought me from her beach combing trip to Crescent City. I couldn't stop thinking about it as I worked on a not-so-fun house project. There was an octopus in there somewhere, I just knew it.

Meanwhile, Sam was dealing with truck issues and as a gift, brought home one of the damaged engine parts called the impeller. I loved the movement of the blades, like small lapping waves made of heavy metal. This became the base for La Chispa.

What surprised me most was the baby octopus (far from my original thoughts of maybe a shell or crystal) who insisted on being born… And so the new cycle begins.

Height: 12 1/4"
$225  sold


Dragon's Egg ~ SOLD

Instructions for gestating a dragon's egg:

1. Become ferocious, protective and introverted. 2. Enlist a Protection Wizard of the highest caliber. 3. Wait.

Wizard has a driftwood body and leather cape and hat, polymer clay
Driftwood Dragon forms the base. Her spikes are polished stone.
Height: 12 1/4" inches
$94 includes shipping & tax

Old Blue Eyes

There is wizardry afoot – Wish it, give it intent and hand it over to Old Blue Eyes.

Driftwood body, polymer clay hat, face and hand, leather cape, adorned with bone, dragon pendant, and glass beads and charms.

Height: approx. 16"
$70 includes shipping & tax

Here's How It Works

Just for fun, ask this little guy how things work. He has a big mouth and an opinion about everything. Write a question on a piece of paper and put it in the vase. Be sure to put the lid back on. Then wait for the answer to come to you. I asked what happened to my good scissors? It took a week, but they turned up …in my sewing box– who woulda thought!

Polymer clay design covers an egg shaped ceramic vase.

Height: 6.5" including lid, 4" diameter
$50 includes shipping & tax


Mobiles hold a special fascination for me. I've been making them since the 70's when I had a ceramic kiln. I suppose it is the whimsical way the pieces move and dance around each other without touching. But really, making a mobile takes me back to those days where we all opened our eyes and taught each other to see things in a different way.

Polymer clay is my medium of choice these days. I use kaleidoscope canes or a swirling technique on some of the pieces. Some pieces simply turn into a design of crazy random patterns. There is a wonderful sense of freedom to it all.

Alice Mobile

21" h x 14" across ~ $90 includes shipping & taxes

Crazy Patterns Mobile

26" h. x 16" across ~ $80 includes shipping & taxes