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Out my Windo I've seen the most amazing creatures; I one day spied a crazy-eyed rabbit, on four wheels, moving fast, cape and ribbons flying. She had no time to talk, but placed in my mind, at no charge, a river of images and stories. A gift she said, but in order to keep the river flowing these visions must be shared.

Artwork pictured here (not marked sold) was lost in the Paradise Camp Fire. I plan to regroup within the next few months and emerge with a new body of work. Classes, of course, are cancelled for now. Some pieces may still be available at the Fallbrook Art Center.

Of Earth & Water

There is story in the piece of wood lying twisted and forgotten along the shore. It holds within its layer-upon-layer an ancient collective memory that lives true in all of us. It might speak of mother-wisdom, or the old healer, or it might tell a story from a time-out-of-mind place where creatures crawled out of the sea and took their first breath of air.

I never know what will come to life when first I touch that piece of wood, but in time it speaks to me of the earth and water from whence it came. I try to honor that call from the depths, allowing it –as deftly as I'm able– into expression.

If you have any questions or would like to make a purchase please contact Sheri by clicking on this link.

Metamorphosis of Women
She is called now to return to the Source; to sand and sea from whence she came. 

She begins to understand herself, not as singular, but as a part of a purposeful whole. Accelerated by forces beyond her understanding the metamorphosis of women begins.

The parts: Driftwood from Oregon Coast, a gift from my sister, Connie. Legacy shells from San Nicolas Island, gathered by my mother. Sand from Lanikai Beach where I roamed for a year and discovered another part of me.

19" h wall hanging $250


Quickening - And when she awoke she felt the spark ignite in her core, sending a rhythmic hum coursing up her spine. A great thirst arose and she reached deep to drink from the well of new beginnings -$80 sold


She was so clear about what she needed from life, but once she arrived, she chose love instead.


Dance of the Soul - Hard won freedom undulates from earth and wood
Old skin falls away like the golden leaves of seasons turned.
Skin and sinew push through societal constraints
Reflection reveals the colorful expanse of her soul.

23" wall hanging. $95 Available at A Seeker's Boutique 6424 Skyway, Paradise CA

Dance of the Soul 

She waits as the path she chose unfolds and expands before her eyes. Old life falls away with a underlying feeling of loss. New life, the unformed one, triggers creative possibilities and feeds her excitement for the journey ahead. sold


Hermit & Frog ~ You were born gifted and you will never ever lead a normal life. $95 sold

Elspeth ~ Lifetimes spent as the quiet odd one; the one on the fringes. Now is the time, Elspeth, to lift your eyes to world and sea, grip webbed fingers to the rod of power, and know the gift of your own unique soul

Kleekorin ~ The trickster of wood sprites. Ask for what you will from him. But never forget the additive for the highest and best good. sold


Watcher ~Into the woods, into the land of the lost; I watch as your relentless search leads wearily back to the beginning. In the dark clearing, tears flow and the broken spirit surrenders. Rest now, the sun will rise again and find you right where you need to be. 


Essence of Wood

Knock on wood they say, as if wood is imbued with some magical power. I take it far beyond that when I think about how a piece of old wood, once severed or whittled down from it's mother tree, holds within it the very essence of nature. It vibrates, it magnetizes, it touches a chord. For the wild-eyed artist who resonates with wood, it is a collision of forces. a new song forms, one of inspiration and expanding possibilities.


Ms Joanie Goes Shopping~

A crazy rabbit flying by on wheels formed in my mind when I spotted that piece of driftwood. I have come to know her as a busy eccentric and she is on a mission. If you see her coming your way, for your own safety, please give her a wide berth. I understand her eyesight is poor. Dedicated to my dear friend, Joan Gast, who flew from this earth many years ago… Oh the stories!

From wheels to ear-tips she stands 15". Her first and favorite shopping stop is A Seeker's Boutique in Paradise, CA $95

The protocal for summoning your wizard for a touch of magic can prove a bit tricky: 1) State clearly your desire. 2) Make the call only when you are absolutely sure.  3) Wait for him to arrive on the wind in his own given time. 4) Serve a spread of fresh bread, seasonal fruit, cheese and good red wine–no cheap stuff. 5) After his long pipe comes out and the first smoke ring encircles the room try hard to remember what is was you wanted.  13" nfs

Wizard & Dragon
You drew me in, a magnet to metal, and your quest became my quest. Through our shared energy the divine power of the Third came into being. 18" tall wall hanging $75 at Fallbrook Art Center (Find Magnified Show) sold


Oliward - Power Wizard. The time is now to call in the forces. Clarity of purpose and laser focus of intent opens the portal and moves the seeker forward. 14"h $60. at A Seeker's Boutique in Paradise sold

Lily - When I grow up I will behave myself… barely

10"h $60 sold

Season of my Discontent
Do I dare peak out from under heavy blankets of winter, only to be assaulted by your flaming globe in the relentless sky. Green sprouts and white skin burn under the intensity of your flare. Once again you remind me, Get up get going time is short and you have a big life to live. 20" wall hanging $65

Wind across my Boneyard
A scent, earthy and pungeant as a new mushroom blows across the land… Turn to face the gust, so familiar, so repelling, and yet, like a cool stream running over cracked soil. Oh beautiful life, given by breath and taken away by a sudden gust. 11" wall hanging $40 at Fallbrook Art Center (Find Magnified Show) sold

SNAP -Snap Out of It!! (thanks I needed that)
12" wall hanging $40 at Fallbrook Art Center (Find Magnified Show) sold



Royal Road - Know thyself and you will know your journey is without flaw. The road you are called to now is beyond your mental manipulations. It is the path you were chosen to serve and the gift you were meant to share. 13" tall $40 at Fallbrook Art Center (Find Magnified Show) sold


Aztec Elder - Across the winds of time Old Aztec appears now to ask for reparation and healing of ancient wounds. 11" wall hanging $50 at Fallbrook Art Center (Find Magnified Show) sold


And when she awoke she felt the spark ignite in her core, sending a rhythmic hum coursing up her spine. A great thirst arose and she reached deep to drink from the well of new beginnings. 14" tall $65 at Fallbrook Art Center (Find Magnified Show) sold

They said you were gentle and wanted only peace. They told me you were compassionate and would give your last morsel to one in need. These things I know to be true, but I know more now. I've looked deep into your old soul. 13" wall hanging $40 at Fallbrook Art Center (Find Magnified Show)

Spirits of Wood & Water - Gathering at the Crossroads

Decisions must be made as we find ourselves at the crossroad; what baggage to leave behind and what to embrace as we pack our small suitcase.  We travel light now, with a bouyancy remembered from childhood.

In this series feminine faces appear in the wood. Each has a message to impart. each embodies a quality necessary for the new world order. The chosen path shines clear now, full of light sparks and purpose of step.

The sizes run from 8" to 15" h. The price is $60 each (unless otherwise indicated) plus shipping. If you have any questions or would like to make a purchase please contact Sheri by clicking on this link.

Effrin - You were never lost dear one, you simply forgot the way. You became so caught up in the web of worry you took the alternate path. You will cross your true path at the next fork in the road. Close your eyes and see yourself in the calm of wood and water.
Sold at Fallbrook Art Center Find Magnified Show 

Effrin Effrin - detail

Salena - Rhythm of Life; She is trained to hear the living rhythm of her cells, to close out thought and allow the dark winds to move through without absorption. Her dance is one of graciousness and Light.
Wall hanging 10"h. sold


Stand In My Danger ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes speaks of the "Dangerous Old Woman" who will stop at nothing to nourish, protect and guide us in the offering of all our creative gifts. sold at Paradise Art Center

Stand In My Danger

Stand In My Danger detail

Ka Maleesi - She called upon her second sight; the old dragon, Ka Maleesi, fierce and protective. An ancient oath of integrity was placed upon her mind, and so it was that the truth was revealed.
Wall hanging 16"h. $60 sold

Dauphinia - Optomism; Breath that sparks the creative fire.
Wall hanging $35. Sold to private party

Optomism; sparking the creative fire 12" h. wall hanging. Dauphinia-Optomism; sparking the creative fire

Journey - Trust. I will go ahead of you, for I have lived in the place of your unknown. Close your eyes and follow me. 
Wall hanging 9.5"h sold

Athene - Mindfulness

Courageous From time beyond memory an irresistible desire calls from the depths of a living being. The time is right; Leave the warmth of these familiar waters and with eyes of wonder – seek, explore, evolve.

Courageous Courageous

Why be Normal - Is this what you meant when you said to keep a low profile? Some of us just don't get it.

Why be Normal Why be Normal

Twigmull A bug of distinction A bit of a worry-wort, he is vigilant in his protective duties. Alert, he listens intently, watches for predators and warns of impending missteps.


The Gift Immigrate to my soil. Tell me a story; the world through your eyes. I hunger for the gift of your vision. At the Fallbrook Art Center $38 sold

The Gift, immigration, polymer clay on wood disk 6" diameter. $40

Streaming Until the day I return to water, I simply close my eyes and find the current. At Fallbrook Art Center $38 sold

alternate reality, polymer clay on found wood

Know Me Take down those borders constructed by fear. Know me as your own heart knows the rich colors I so humbly offer. At the Fallbrook Art Center $38 sold

immigration, polymer clay on found wood

Knotty Peeps - Little knotted branches, no more than seven inches, tell the story of the twists and turns of life and how to not only adapt, but become little bits of whimsical wonder in a world gone mad. Can be seen hanging out on a tree in Connie's Secret Garden.

Knotty Peeps

The Hermit Into the dark forest I follow, into places of my unspoken terrors. I take comfort in my grip on your cool, bony hand, your footfall, silent and sure on our chosen path.
Sold at Fallbrook Art Center Find Magnified Show $95

The Hermit sold

Mercy I release you from the thousand threads that have held tight against your throat. You are under the protection of my outstretched wings. Let the tears flow from your burdened soul. I am Mercy and I am with you now. sold