Sheri’s Art Portfolio

In this body of work…

I would like to present a sculptural art form which incorporates the use of polymer clay, and an assemblage technique using found and fabricated items. I strive through this art; to evoke a sense of mystery, to provide the curious mind with an out-of-the-ordinary path to follow on their own journey inward.

When working with clay on found wood, I look for a  piece of driftwood or gnarled root that is full of character and expression – I might envision a face or a wing within the raw piece. Polymer clay is the medium I choose for sculpting on wood. 

Wood bowls and vases are provided to me by the wood-turning artist, Jan Greenwald. He will turn a piece with crevices and hollows, leaving spaces in the wood for me to insert a sculpture using polymer clay. 

When working on an assemblage piece, I am often inspired by one object that evokes an emotion. It could be a sculpture I created or a found object. For example, I will choose a woman’s shoe to convey a sense of desire, elegance, dance and all the liveliness of a woman in her prime. I scavenge thrift stores, looking for the most provocative, most outspoken pair on the rack. No matter the age or gender of a person, the sculpted stiletto evokes a youthful excitement.

The final touch on the assemblage is the “unearthed” effect which ties the various pieces into one cohesive work and gives it that mysterious “found” feeling. The technique blends the objects, coaxing the viewer in for closer examination. There are personal and archetypal symbols subtly hidden in the design and it is the hope that it triggers – on some level – recognition.

For All Times vase